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What is Fountainhouse?

The first Clubhouse was founded in New York in 1948. The name Fountainhouse originated as there was a fountain in the yard of the first Clubhouse building. Currently there are 333 Clubhouses in 33 different countries. The Clubhouse exists for people who have or have had any form of mental illness. The organisation strives to aid people in social situations as well as networking, and finding work.

Our philosophy is believing in the capacity of the individual and willingness to change their life situation in this ever changing world.Members who work in the Clubhouse are given an opportunity to regain their self-worth and achieve their goals.

About the organisation

The problems we face as members of this Clubhouse are diverse. Sometimes it's hard to get up and out of bed in the morning, whereas other days we feel almost completely well and want to continue leading a life that involves work and or studies. Similarly we may be people who are alone a lot and end up with low self-esteem, or people who are surrounded by others and as a result get stressed by that. It is therefore so essential that there is a place like Pelaren where one is accepted the way they are, is always met in the way one needs to be met, and where one can undertake various tasks at any level. 

The Clubhouse is a step out of institutionalised care; you may not necessarily need hospitalisation anymore, but are still not well enough to have the energy required to work full-time. We at Pelaren are a tight community, with individuals who understand and support each other. Furthermore you can also test your capabilities in a sheltered environment (i.e. what works/doesn't work, how much work can I take on). 


A few quotes by some of our members:

"A place where you are always welcome"

"A meaningful work place"

"A meaningful community"

"A place you can always come back to"

How it all began!

The Fountainhouse on Åland opened on the 17th March 2010, after two years of preparation. The name 'Pelaren' (meaning pillar in English) came about as it has two meanings: firstly, on the outside of the building, on each side of the steps, are two pillars. Secondly because the clubhouse functions as a support network.

A 3-year EU project!

The Fountainhouse on Åland is a 3-year EU-project. This means that we were sponsored by the ESF Council until the 30th June 2013. Now that we are a fully functioning Clubhouse we are financed mainly by PAF as well as the various counties on Åland.

The initiative was taken in 2007 by the organisation for mental health on Åland, called Reseda, as well as the Psychiatric hospital. In September 2007 the Fountainhouse in Karis visited Reseda to talk about how they function. As a result of this the project was initiated on Åland with Lotta Eriksson as project leader. When a decision to open this Clubhouse had been made, on the 4th February 2010, Lotta Eriksson then became the head of the organisation.

How to become a member

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